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Kingdom Takers _ Pure Streams ft Rev’d David O’Dinla Fapohunda

Kingdom Takers _ Rev'd David O'Dinla FAPOHUNDA


Song Lyrics

Verse 1
There is a Calling
We’ve been bought to Rewrite History
We’ve got the Anointing
We’re commissioned to Retell His Story
With weapons not carnal
We’ve been trained to Conquer the enemy

You reign X2
You’re the Monarch of Zion
You reign X3
So we reign in the Earth
In your image and likeness
We reign X3

We root out, Pull down
Destroy, and Throw Down
The works of the enemy
We build up, we plant now
We reclaim and we call proclaim
The will of THE KINGDOM.

Verse 2
There is an army
Marching on to claim territories
We walk on dimensions
Such that the world has never seen
We’re breaking barriers of Race and Shades of Prejudice
Shatter Religion, Usher men to experience Fellowship


Verse 3:
The Harvest is plenteous
White Ready
Waiting for Labourers
Time is fast Ticking
The devil knows He’s all out of deceive
But though we seemed Outnumbered
We will Conquer by the might of the Spirit.

by Pure Streams Records.
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